Roger Keiper

Roger Keiper
When the student is ready, the teacher will come

Department Bandsales
Instruments Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Guitar, Piano
Musical Interests Blues, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Big Band
Joined The Family In 1986

I began playing trumpet at a very young age, and quickly fell in love with the instrument and the music associated with it. Later I branched out to piano and guitar in an effort to broaden my musical tastes. I believe that a musical education is paramount to the development of today's youth and goes a long way to helping them socialize and form lasting relationships later in life.

History With Chucks

I was originally hired in 1986 by Mr. Levin himself. Throughout the years as my musical career pulled me to different places i've come and gone from Chuck Levin's, but this is, and will always be home for me.

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