Pete Fleming

Pete Fleming
I Know Kung Fu!

Pete Fleming Candid
Department Guitars
Instruments Guitar, Drums, Bass, Vocals, Dj Stuff
Musical Interests Rock N Roll, Blues, Jazz, Real Country, Bob Dylan
Joined The Family In 2003

I was formed in the womb on stage six nights a week in the early 80's in my mom's top 40 band, touring the northeastern USA. My earliest memories are growing up on the road in that band, getting behind the drums at sound checks, generally pestering the band members, and being obsessed with musical instruments and sound equipment. Music was not a hobby I picked up at any point, it has been my life since the beginning. I still perform 2-3 nights a week as an acoustic solo or duo act called High Five all around the DC Metro area.

History With Chucks

My mom bought my first drum set from Chuck himself when I was 4. Since then I have been a life-long customer, joined the family in 2003 as a stock man, went off to continue my musical journey for about 13 years until I returned in 2016 and found a new home in the guitar department. I also went to DJ Expo last year.

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