Paul Decastro

Paul Decastro
I love vintage drums and will happily converse with anyone who wants to talk about them

Paul Decastro
Department Drums
Instruments Drums, Various Hand Percussion
Musical Interests Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Afro-Cuban, too many individual groups/artists to name
Joined The Family 2003

I first started taking snare drum lessons at age 12 and got my first drum set at 15. In addition to having come from a very musical family, I had 2 great teachers. One was Todd Lucia, who at the time played for the Navy Commodores. Later I studied with Charles Mitchell who is the long time drummer for Solar Circus. These guys along with my father and my uncle Chris really helped familiarize me to so much variety of music which really helped me in my development as a player.

My first huge influence was Stewart Copeland with the Police along with many of the iconic rock drummers like Neil Peart, John Bonham, Mitch Mitchel, ect. Once I saw the old archival footage of the jazz legends like Max Roach, Papa Joe Jones, Art Blakey among others, I knew then that jazz would become my passion. In addition to my gig here, I also teach privately on my off days. I also play drums for Afro Cuban band Timba Street. We have performed at the Kennedy Center, the Salsa Room, and the Howard Theater among others. Check us out on Youtube! I also am working on a jazz originals project called “The Crucial” with guitarist Chris Galvan.

History With Chucks

I have been here at Chuck’s since 2003. While drum set is my primary instrument, I have in more recent years become infatuated with Afro Cuban percussion and have more or less become the resident hand percussion specialist here. Being born and raised in DC, I always knew the Chuck’s was an institution. Since working here, I have met and helped so many of the players and educators that I have admired over the years.

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