Myles McCool

Myles McCool
Is there another word for "synonym?"

Myles McCool
Department Keyboards
Instruments Piano, Guitar
Musical Interests Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Blues, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Gypsy Jazz, any talented artist in all honesty
Joined The Family In 2017

Being the sond of a well-renowned local D.C. trumpet player and music teacher, I have been surrounded by music, specifically Jazz, ever since birth. I myself am also a professional keyboard player, as well as pursuing a music education degree of my own.

History With Chucks

I've been coming to Chuck Levin's for all my musical purchases. I purchased my first keyboard from Chuck's and when I found out there was a position open in the Keyboard Department, I had to jump at the chance. It has been a dream of mine since childhood to work in the music industry.

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