Luke Schuster

Luke Schuster
We all live in a Yellow Dubmarine

Luke Schuster
Department Guitars
Instruments Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Vocals
Musical Interests Classic rock, Motown, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Traditional country, Folk, R & B
Joined The Family 2017

I started as a drummer but couldn't stop there, I learned as many instruments as I could and have gone to play keyboard in over 40 states on tour with my band Yellow Dubmarine, a reggae Beatles tribute band that i started with some friends.

History With Chucks

I have been a customer at Chucks since I started playing music fifteen years ago. In fact, my Dad got me my first drum set as a Christmas present from Darren Z (current drum department manager) that I still gig with today. That was truly the start of my career in music. A few years Iater I started playing keyboards and bought myself a Nord Electro 2 from Chucks. It was my first major instrument purchase so I remember feeling a bit apprehensive. The salesman I was working with made me feel at ease and ended up giving me a great deal which I genuinely appreciated.

Since then I have stopped in the store to shop around in all of the various departments and have always been treated well. Today I find myself working at Chuck’s in the guitar department and could not be more excited for the opportunity.

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