Larry Urie

Larry Urie
I was the National Sales Manager of PRS Guitars for 14 years. Ask me anything!

Larry Urie
Department Guitars
Instruments Guitar, Bass, Drums
Musical Interests The Beatles
Joined The Family 2013

Started playing guitar at age eleven and try to learn something new every day. I also play bass which I find very enjoyable. I worked at PRS for 21 years and was the National Sales Manager for the last fourteen years.

History With Chucks

I bought my first “real” guitar new from Chuck in 1965 when the store was over on 12th and H in DC. It was a ’65 Stratocaster and I kept it for more than thirty years. Chuck Levin treated me like a musician instead of just some kid dreaming about guitars. And buying that guitar was an experience I still remember fondly.

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