Jerry Athey Jr

Jerry Athey jr
I love the recording process and helping you achieve the sound you're looking for

Jerry Athey jr
Department Pro Sound, Microphones
Instruments Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Musical Interests Playing loud rock through really loud speakers, modern pop/electronic
Joined The Family In 2009

When you walk into Chuck's you're likely to see a lot of familiar faces. Here in the Pro Sound Department alone, we have a combined experience of something like 100 years! No, we're not quite that old - we have all just been doing this pretty much our entire lives. Our crew here is made up of guys with diverse backgrounds and our collective knowledge and experience can make a real difference to your project. My personal journey in our industry started with guitars and amps, to full-line mail-order, to almost a decade in broadcast equipment sales - and now here I am at Washington Music - surrounded by fellow musicians, DJ's, sound guys and loads of gear!

I love trying to learn all of our digital consoles without giving myself a headache. Drinking way too many Red Bulls. Building and modifying guitars to my liking. Old Ibanez RG550's and Marshall 2203's. Cigar Box guitars plugged into high-gain amplifiers - actually, anything plugged into a high-gain amp. Garbage, VH, 30STM and anything else that has a modern, dramatic and heavy sound. Even though I mainly listen to and play hard rock and heavy metal, I grew up surrounded by Bluegrass! I'm also into a lot of modern pop/electronic music, which is a guilty pleasure of mine. Not sure if I should admit that or not...

History With Chucks

My history with Chuck’s goes back long before I ever worked here. My grandparents lived nearby and, as a teenager, I used to ride my bicycle to the store and gaze at all the guitars that I planned to own one day. Like many of you, I bought my first real instrument here – a black Fender Stratocaster. I bought my first Marshall stack from Mr. Levin himself. I also discovered the ADA Flanger here, which made me an instant hero with my friends, since I could now sound just like EVH! This is not your average music store – Chuck Levin’s is a Washington DC area institution with an incredible legacy. You can feel it when you walk through the door. We have a broad and diverse clientele – each with his/her own needs and budget – and we pride ourselves on being able to consistently deliver the best sound possible to our customers. From the guy who just wants a small system for his backyard parties, to the mobile DJ, touring band, nightclub owner, church or commercial contractor – we are here to help!

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