Denar Bullie

Denar Bullie
I mosh to NSYNC

Denar Bullie
Department Keyboards
Instruments Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Production And Turntablism
Musical Interests I'm a huge fan of Jazz Fusion, House, Math Rock, Blues, Techno, Progressive Metal/Rock, Experimental, Avant Garde and so much more!
Joined The Family In 2018

I’m originally a self-taught guitar player. I started seriously playing when I was a teenager. I’ve played in many bands and done session work with a bunch of artist and genres. I’ve been fortunate to be a constant student and learning all I can about my musical craft.

While in college I took classes on piano and jazz theory to better my abilities, and knowledge of timing, and harmony.

Ok enough with the boring stuff. I’m just a music nerd looking to talk gear and help out my fellow musicians! Also, I’m always going to concerts so we’ve probably run into each other once or twice. See you around and I look forward to talking with you.

    Some of my favorite gear to use live and in the studio include:
  • Fender Stratocaster
  • Ibanez RG 7 String
  • Maxon OD 808
  • Strymon D.I.G
  • Roland D50
  • Allen & Heath Xone Mixers
  • Rane TT57
  • Peavey 5150 Combo Amp
  • Leslie G37
  • EV ELX 15inch Speakers
  • Sennheiser and Shure mics
  • Apollo Twin
History With Chucks

As many of the great folks who work here I was a customer at Chuck Levin’s before I was an employee. I remember coming in and getting a bag for my Squire Stratocaster that I played tirelessly. I always came in and got pickups and other great accessories. I have played some amazing pieces of gear here at Chuck’s. I hope you can take the time to come in and get your gear fix on.

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