*** Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update ***

We're In This Together:
Our retail store is closed due to Maryland state order, and we agree that this is the right move for our Chuck Levin's family and the community at large.

Our website is still online and accepting orders, but shipping may be delayed until we are able to reopen our facility again, but we will check with our manufacturer partners first to see if they are able to ship safely and communicate with you the status.

In the meantime, we're here if you want to talk gear. Email us at sales @ chucklevins.com, find us on Instagram @chucklevins and on Facebook, or check out some our favorite videos at YouTube.com/chucklevins.

Most important of all, create music. Share your music with the world. Music can uplift our community at times when we might feel alone and scared. Share your music with us, and we'll share it out there too. We're all in this together.