Cliff Blanchett

Cliff Blanchett
Show me a pad and i'll craft you a song

Department Pro Sound
Instruments Keyboards, Samplers, Drum Machines
Musical Interests Hip Hop, EDM, Trap, And Everything
Joined The Family In 2016

I'm a producer/engineer/DJ. I started producing in 2000 with a MPC 2000. I mostly did hip hop using samples and sound modules for about 8 years (off and on) working with local artist until 2011 I went to Omega Studios Audio Engineering School. Also around at that time I started working as DJ for Entertainment Cruises and an engineer for a live sound company. I worked both jobs for about 5 years before I came here to Chuck’s. I’m also working as an artist mentor for Art Lab Plus in DC teaching audio production and recording.

History With Chucks

As a newer member of the Chuck's Family, I look forward to crafting a rich history with this company and its people.

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