Carlos Romero

Carlos Romero
I love the process of recording music, let me help you get the best guitar tone possible.

Carlos Romero
Department Guitars - Manager
Instruments Guitar, Drums
Musical Interests Everything about the recording process and live music
Joined The Family In 1999

Born and raised in South America, on the south coast of Peru, I started playing music professionally at the early age of 15.By the age of 18 had a degree in electronics while still playing music, decided to move to the US. I moved to New York in 1983 and continue to play music in the Queens, NY. By 1985 I joined a band called Parasite, and played constantly around the DC area. Then in 1990 formed Eclipse the first Latin Rock band in the DC area, recorded and toured the US, Central and South America. By 1995 opened Nazca Records a full service recording studio located in Alexandria VA.

History With Chucks

I lived in New York city since the early 80’s, hanging around 48th street was an amazing experience. But years later around 1985 I moved to VA, missing the music scene I will travel back to New York at least once a month….until a friend told me about Chuck Levin’s. Came to the store and I felt the vibe of what a real music store should be, even that I will always miss New York I had not need to go back if I ever wanted any musical instrument. I was a customer right away, many years later I joined the family….it just feels like home.

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