Carl Culos

Carl Culos
Proud to be the longest-tenured non-Levin, employee at Chuck's

Carl Culos
Department Pro Sound - Manager
Instruments Drums
Musical Interests Gordon Sumner, Marilyn Manson, 50cent, Taylor Swift, Cowsills, Lewis & Clark etc.
Joined The Family In 1978!

Lot’s of years playing drums(shhhhh), & raising a few musicians. Learned audio back in the analog days & a learned a great deal from Greg Lukens.

History With Chucks

Been here for well over 36 years now. I learned how to make-a-deal from Mr. Levin, and learned how to make a life-long customer from Mrs. Levin. In addition to audio, recording & mics, I also do HVAC, phone messages & clocks. And until they get rid of all wall-warts & decide on pin 2 or 3 as hot…I will be here.

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