Adam Levin

Adam Levin
I've done everything there is to do at our store, so I can help you with anything!

Department Management
Instruments I dabble a bit in everything
Musical Interests Electronic, Funk, Classic Rock, Pop
Joined The Family In 2010

The newest member of the Levin family tradition. Graduated Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Business. Taking my engineering background and my love of music, I have a unique look at products from a physical and technological view. If something isn't making sense or you need assistance in any department, please feel free to shoot me a message and I'd be happy to assist you!

History With Chucks

I've been in and out of the store ever since I was born. My career with Chuck's began in stock, unloading the trucks and taking out the trash. After graduating college, I saw the legacy that my grandfather built for what it was. A great place where musicians find what they need and get help when they need it. I'm here to carry on that legacy and make sure that core drive never changes.


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