Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Schagerl

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Schagerl

Schagerl T1-VB Tenor Saxophone - Vintage Bronze

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    Make an impression with a Schagerl T1-VB Tenor Saxophone - Vintage Bronze

    Impressive, is what many professional musicians and instructors have said after playing Schagerl Superior saxophones. The Superior saxophone is a well constructed instrument with high-value features like ribbed key-post to body construction for strangth and accurate key action, and double key arms on all lower notes for a sure seal.

    The variety of alloys these Schagerl instruments can be made of give the musician options for how the saxophone responds and sounds. For a bright sound and quick response, yellow brass may be the material of choice. If a dark sound is preferable, then bronze may be the material of choise. Resonance and tonal quality are keys to a personal sound, and a way for the musician to connect to an audience. Schagerl Superior saxophones give you the freedom to choose how you'd like to sound.

    Not to leave aesthetics out of the equation, the Superior saxophone also boasts some very attractive finishes and engraving.

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Very good quality

I bought this almost two years ago and I love it. The sound is amazing and it’s pretty durable. It has a very nice dark vintage sound to it and the design is very nice. 10/10 would recommend.

Roy K.

So good, I bought a second one!

My first experience is with a a used Schagerl T1-VB I noticed on consignment at my local woodwind shop. 10 seconds playing on it, and I recognized it was something unique and special, as well as something I could afford. I purchased it -one stop-first visit- out the door. I perform as a solo easy listening entertainer, so my tone, intonation, nuances, are VERY raw and exposed. Listeners get accustomed to the sound. Time and time again, new people related there feelings about the sound Of my performance. Equally as often, I get comments about the Beauty of its Seasoned appearance - people LOVE it. Even the pearls are not standard pearls, but gorgeously fit the overall appearance of this horn. Music proffessionals approach me occasionally when Im busking- thinking Im holding an old Selmer mark 6 (til they get real close and really intimately know what a mark vi looks like... then they stand back-and appreciate the sound with raised eyebrows. ( Im not anything particularly outstanding amongst us musicians) However, this bronze schagerl, coupled with my choice mouthepiece, my choice reed, creates such a unique, warm, yet full bodied tone. Ive taken my mouthepiece, choice reed off my shagerl t1-vb and placed it on other equal or higher quality horns. The sound is no wheres near close. (Better or worse? - you decide) ButnI will say- the sound on this is Amazing- to my ear -and (as humbly as I can express) to the ears of my listeners. If any are curious- for the sake of being thorough- I use a Theo Wanne Gaia 2 metal mouthepiece, and a fibrocell 3.5 reed. I pretty much play as a glorified karaoke singer with backtracks (acoustic guitar) power ballads, gentle Jazz, love songs, soft rock... Hope this helps :) I own 5 saxophones. Baris, alto. Soprano... I use them all, but this is the one listeners want to hear. Ive taken my mouthepiece,

Noah G.



rafael r.

Great dark vintage sound

Like a new selmer mark-VII, almost perfect replica. Easy ton play soft low notes on my meyer hard rubber piece. Much better than my tenor madness tenor which is also a pretty good horn. Dexter here I come!!!