Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Sennheiser

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Sennheiser

Sennheiser AMBEO VR Microphone

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    Get (VR) Audio, Matched To The Immersive, Three-Dimensional Quality Of Virtual Reality Video - The Sennheiser AMBEO VR Microphone

    Isn’t it time that virtual reality (VR) audio matched the immersive, three-dimensional quality of virtual reality video? Enter Sennheiser’s AMBEO VR Mic, the new standard in 3D audio capture that takes VR audio production to a new, professional level. With the AMBEO VR Mic you are able to seamlessly record sound that captivates the listener and creates a highly emotional experience for them. The easy-to-use AMBEO VR Mic is an ambisonic microphone fitted with four matched KE 14 capsules in a tetrahedral arrangement. This special design allows you to capture the sound that surrounds you from a single point. As a result you get fully-spherical, 360 degree sound to match your VR video content. The elegantly-designed AMBEO VR Mic has been created specifically to cater to the needs of VR content creators. It was developed in cooperation with VR content producers and fine-tuned through the extensive VR Creators’ Program, comprised of participants from across the audio and VR communities. Through this program we were also able to develop a comprehensive product package that includes many well-conceived accessories, including the A-B encoder software that works as a plugin, which can be seamlessly embedded in your post-production process.