Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Audio Engineering Associates

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Audio Engineering Associates

AEA R88 mk2 Passive Stereo Ribbon Microphone For XY And MS Applications

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    AEA R88: A Big Ribbon for a Big Sound

    At the heart of the AEA R88 are two big, 2.35" by 0.185" by 2 micron pure aluminum low-tension ribbon elements just like the one used in the classic R44. Many ribbon mic manufacturers choose shorter ribbons that are easier to install, but AEA’s Large Ribbon Geometry TM design offers important advantages. Ribbon microphones operate linearly above their resonant frequency, unlike condenser or moving-coil transducers, so the resonant frequency of a good ribbon microphone design should be as low as possible. The longer the ribbon, the lower the resonant frequency will be. The ribbon has to move twice as far for every drop in octave as it vibrates within the magnetic gap, thus a longer ribbon will allow for further movement back and forth. This results in the ribbon handling louder sound sources and more sound pressure level (SPL). Most AEA ribbons are tuned to just 16.5 Hz, and because the R88 shares the same Big Ribbon™ as the rest of AEA's product line, you will achieve a sound that is smooth, natural and free from any of the uncomfortable resonances that shorter ribbons and condensers can exhibit. The result is a sound that many engineers say is astonishingly close to what their ears hear when they are actually standing in the studio.

    AEA R88 mk2 Passive Stereo Ribbon Microphone Specs:

     Output Impedance: 

    270 Ω nominal

    Recommended Load Impedance: 

    1.2 kΩ or greater


    Not required or recommended


    Pin 2 and 4 high for positive pressure on front of microphone.


    XLR-5M connector, includes breakout cable to 2x XLR-3M

    Off Axis Response:

    Polar Pattern: 

    Native bi-directional pattern


    Level changes with angle, frequency response is consistent, –35 dB null at 90° / 270°


    Level changes with angle, reduced HF response above and below 0° / 180° axis, –35 dB null at 90° / 270°

    Transducer element:

    Ribbon Thickness: 

    1.8 μ (0.0000018 m) of pure aluminum

    Ribbon Width: 

    0.185” (4.7 mm)

    Ribbon Length: 

    2.35” (59.7 mm)