Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Taylor Guitars

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Taylor Guitars

Taylor Custom 12-Fret GC Non-Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar - All Koa

    Focus On What It's About - The All Koa Taylor Custom 12-Fret Grand Concert Non-Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar

    It's about finally getting focused projection and an even response that's sure to please the very pickiest fingerstylist; it's about owning complex tone that continues to grow with play. This limited run custom 12-fret model is one of only 5 built, and it's entire body is solid Hawaiian Koa - top, sides and back. 

    Tropical koa's tone blends the warm midrange focus of mahogany with the brighter top end of maple. Due to its density, a new koa guitar tends to start out sounding a little bright and tight, somewhat like maple. But the more koa is played, the more that sound opens up, expanding the midrange. This is a true gift, because it brings out an ever sweeter, richer and more resonant voice for that lucky player. Compact size and tapered waist allow this beauty to dance around those darker overtones that on bigger guitar muddy finger-picking finesse.

    Alongside remarkable responsiveness, having the slightly wider neck on this model along with other finger-friendly traits like the shorter 24 7/8-inch scale length, simply make fretting this one a breeze. The lesser string tension is also great for those who lean toward incorporating occasional bends. The guitar’s slightly wider neck naturally gives players more room for complex fingerings. Worth mentioning - it's a remarkably comfortable instrument to simply pick up anytime and to play sitting down.