Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Ultimate Support

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Ultimate Support

Ultimate Support MS80 Studio Monitor Stands

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    The Ultimate Support MS Series studio reference monitor stands from Ultimate Support offer unparalleled innovation and strength for professional, project, and home studios alike. The Ultimate Support MS-80 is a desktop monitor stand that features non-slip, high-density acoustic foam and an angle-adjustable base that allows the end user to fine tune the sweet spot. The MS-90 is a column monitor stand that offers internal cable management channels and 6000 Series aluminum construction while the Ultimate Support MS-100 is essentially a combination of the two.

    Sonic Isolation and Decoupling

    From top to bottom, all three Ultimate Support MS Series stands feature sonic isolation and decoupling components. The MS-100 and Ultimate Support MS-80 both offer non-slip, high-density acoustic foam pads to place your reference monitors on, while the MS-90 delivers four non-marring sound decoupling pads that stabilize monitors of varying sizes. The Ultimate Support MS-80 features decoupling spikes under its base to further distance the vibrations from your sonic experience. Add the Ultimate Support MS-80 to your desktop music creation experience and really hear what you've been missing in your mix!

    Easily Adjust the Angle and Axis of Your Monitors

    The MS-100 and Ultimate Support MS-80 both feature patent-pending technology and design that gives control over the angle and axis of your studio monitors. Fine tune the position of your monitors for the perfect mix or listening position with the turn of the front-panel dial. What's more, you can angle your monitors up OR down based on your needs!

    Ultimate Support Design

    The Ultimate Support MS Series studio monitor stands are made from the highest quality materials and backed by award-winning design that marries both form and fashion. The modern studio owner will love the contemporary look while the veteran engineer will appreciate the solid build and versatility.