Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of sE Electronics

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of sE Electronics

sE Electronics ProMic Laser DSLR On-Camera Shotgun Microphone

    ProMic Laser is sE’s first ever DSLR on-camera microphone – a shotgun condenser microphone with a precision-tuned capsule for capturing professional-quality audio direct to camera.

    With more and more video recording enthusiasts taking an increased interest in the quality of the audio of their videos, ProMic Laser provides the high-quality audio to match the high-definition video capabilities of today’s DSLR cameras. Laser, the first release in the ProMic series, is a truly professional solution. It has a rugged aluminum design and comes with a removable wind shield and a custom shockmount for hot-shoe mounting directly onto a DSLR camera.

     The Laser is battery-powered using a single AAA battery (not included), which means that the microphone has an increased sensitivity level, and a lower noise floor, but the inclusion of a -10dB Pad allows you to reduce the level of the mic for recording louder sources.

    The microphone also features a Bass Cut, which gives you the option of removing unwanted low frequency rumble, such as traffic or noise from the camera itself, and this can be used in tandem with the -10dB Pad. ProMic Laser comes with a protective carry bag and a 3.5mm coiled jack-to-jack cable to connect the microphone to your came

    Polar Pattern: Super cardioid

    Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz

    Max SPL: 120dB

    Impedance: ≤200ohm

    Voltage: 1.5V DC

    Current: 1mA

    Sensitivity: -30dB ±2dBControls: 10dB Pad, Bass Cut and On/Off switch

    Power: AAA 1.5V battery powered (battery not included).