Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Mbrace

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Mbrace

Mbrace Guitar Holder & Stand Support System (Stand Not Included)

    Reduce fatigue with a Mbrace Guitar Holder

    *Stand Not Included. 

    The Mbrace is a versatile, adjustable guitar stand that works equally well with any electric, acoustic, or bass guitar, either right or left handed. Made in the U.S.A.

    Mbrace Performance

    The Mbrace guitar holder enables the performer to utilize several instruments at one time- on stage or in a recording studio. Since every guitar that uses teh stand can be left in an upright playing position, the performer need only walk up to it and play.

    MBrace Guitar Stand Support System

    When used in a recording studio or rehearsal, the Mbrace guitar holder reduces the fatigue that accompanies long sessions. Since the weight of the instrument is no longer on the performer he or she does not tire quickly.  The Mbrace guitar holder can be used in a standing or sitting position.

    Mbrace Guitar Holder Comfort

    Individuals who suffer from neck or back pain may experience some relief by using the Mbrace instead of a guitar strap.

    Mbrace Sound

    Using the Mbrace guitar holder with the guitar or bass creates a space between the instrument and the performer.  Vibrations are not hindered, enabling the instrument to sound brighter, louder and better.

    Mbrace Freedom

    The Mbrace is an important support product for guitar synthesizers.  By using the Mbrace guitar holder, the performer is now free to utilise the guitar synthesizer with complete freedom because he or she is not strapped to it.

    Mbrace Guitar Holder Versatility

    The Mbrace guitar holder will attach to any conventional tripod microphone stand and works equally well with acoustic guitars or basses.  It will also work for either right or left-handed performers.  Safety Pads on teh Mbrace ensure that it will not harm the finish of the instrument.

    Mbrace Careful

    Certain guitars have strap buttons on the back face of their bodies.  For the safety of the instrument, Mbrace recommends the use of some sort of straplock system.

    (Guitar and microphone stand sold separately)