Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Protection Racket

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Protection Racket

Protection Racket 13" x 6.5" Standard Snare Drum Case

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    Keep Your Snare Safe And Sound With The Protection Racket 13" x 6.5" Standard Snare Drum Case

    When it comes to construction of Protection Racket drum cases there is no compromise in material quality. A lot of thought, experience and rigorous testing goes into every case. From concept to design to production can take up to 18 months and every case is put through it’s paces by Team Protection Racket.


    Like all materials and components used in the construction of our cases, our buckles are of the highest quality. Designed for ease of use, lightness and toughness. These buckles will perform every time and will not let you down.


    Ergonomic rubber handles are used on the ends of our hardware cases with wheels.  Super strong with pre-shaped easy grip for fully loaded cases that carry that bit of  extra weight. Indestructible & comfortable.


    Racketex as per main body of case, Lined with soft neoprene for comfort. The underside of handle has polyprop for rigidity lined with 5mm foam. This is Proection Racket's first choice handle on all drum & percussion cases.


    So you turn up at a gig and all the drummers are inevitably using Protection Racket! Now you can easily identify your drums with this simple to use luggage tagging system.


    Superior dual density foam hard on the outside and soft on the inside, giving incredible strength & rigidity whilst keeping the cases very light. The characteristics  deflect and dissipate impact forces so that none of the shock passes to the instrument in transit.


    A non abrasive, synthetic fleece that removes surface moisture & preserves tonal stability between gigs. Maintains instrument well being & polishes & cleans your drums in transit!!


    High abrasion resistance 600 denier polyester it won’t fade, crack or shrink. 100% water-proof high stability in extreme climatic conditions. In any colour you like as long as it’s black!! Classic!


    ROCKET FOAM is a Closed-cell foam and has a calculated degree of hardness, determined by its density and chosen by Proteciton Racket at the design stage of their guitar cases. ROCKET FOAM density is between 60- 65 Kgs/m3. It is strong enough to walk on without major distortion. Most of the cells or bubbles in ROCKET FOAM are not broken; they resemble inflated balloons or soccer balls, piled together in a compact configuration. This makes ROCKET FOAM strong and fairly rigid because the bubbles are strong enough to take a lot of pressure, like the inflated tyres that hold up an automobile. The cells are full of a special gas, selected to make the protective value of ROCKET FOAM as high as possible, without gaining weight.


    It doesn’t get any easier than this! Every PR case has size label that shows diameter and depth as a simple & quick to read graphic, shows product code too. Perfect!


    You can relax in the knowledge that all Protection Racket products carry a full 12 month guarantee. In the highly unlikely event of a fault with one of our cases, simply return it to Protection Racket, or the Protection Racket distributor in your country for inspection, and at their discretion, they will repair it or replace it free of charge. Nothing in this warranty affects your statutory rights.


    The Webbing Handles & Seams: 1,500 kilo breaking strength giving enormous load carrying capacity. Handles Vertically Mounted on Seam: Both handle and seams are doubly secure by the former being stitched to 1,500 kilo breaking strength webbing, rather than to the body of the case.


    Satin finished nickel plated steel zip pulleys & beautifully finished and embossed with the Protection Racket Man. Interlocking so you can padlock them together for extra security and peace of mind on your travels. Totally rust proof and indestructible.


    Heavy duty nylon spiral chain, indestructible, shower proof, rot proof! The Stitching Thread: Bonded nylon that doesn't deteriorate and holds the case together even if an area of stitching is breached. Double Stitching: To first complete the wall and two ends separately and then to join them together giving twice the security at the corners and edges for greater protection and durability.