Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Gafftech

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Gafftech

Gafftech GaffGun Bundle Long Handle

    Never Waste Time Taping Down Cables Again - Get The Revolutionary Gafftech GaffGun

    The GaffGun is the single greatest advancement in floor tape since gaffer's tape was invented. Saving over 90% of the time to lay tape over cables or rope, The GaffGun simplifies your job while saving time, money, and your back. Cables don't even have to be straight—the GaffGun uses a funneling system to straighten and center your cables and then lay tape over them. 

    The GaffGun will change the way you think about your stage setup, your practice space or your studio.  Imagine no more tripping on cables lazily left on the floor. Imagine never having to spend hours on end getting the perfect straight cable lines on stage only to have to break down the whole setup at the end of the gig. By using a GaffGun, you'll get straight cable lines and perfectly marked floors without any of the hassle.

    Have to lay down a dance floor?  Use the GaffGun to connect pieces and secure the ends in seconds. There are so many uses you'll never want to be without the GaffGun again.  If you travel with a Rack, the Gaffgun Bundle is packed in foam specially designed to fit into a 5 Space Rack Drawer.  

    Gafftech developed the patent-pending CoreLok tape to work in unison with the GaffGun, ensuring a consistent result with every tape run. GaffGun CoreLok tape is wound on a plastic core that locks onto the GaffGun's hub, keeping tape centered and allowing use of the GaffGun's tensioning knob.

    Save time and get cleaner cables every time with the Gaffgun.

    The Gaffgun Bundle Includes:

    The GaffGun

    Long extension handle

    CableGuide - Small (compatible with 2"-3" tapes, 1-2 XLR cables)

    CableGuide - Medium (compatible with 3" tapes, 3-4 XLR cables)

    CableGuide - Large (compatible with 3" tapes, 5-6 XLR cables)

    FloorGuide (for applications not involving cables)

    *Please note: Standard Core Tape Adapters are not included in the bundle, and must be purchased separately in order to use standard core tape on the GaffGun.