Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Yamaha

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Yamaha

Yamaha DTX532K Electronic Drum Kit

Special Order Item
Please Allow Extra Time For Delivery

    Purchase a DTX532K from now until March 31st and receive a free pair of Yamaha HPH100 Headphones by mail. Redemption instructions will be emailed upon order completion.

    NEW ! Powerful DTX502 Drum Trigger Module

    The Yamaha DTX502 drum kit has almost twice the wave ROM and over 250 more sounds than its predecessor and features new drum and cymbal samples from top VST developers that have been optimized for DTX. Also voices inherited from our other Yamaha DTX modules have been updated for improved playability and sound.

    Advanced Technology Under The Hood

    Using proprietary laser technology to analyze drum strokes, we precisely tuned the trigger settings on the Yamaha DTX502 series resulting in a more natural feeling with laser accuracy. You also get advanced features from our higher end models like cymbal muting, natural cymbal swells, and smoother snare drumrolls so the kits respond to every nuance of your playing.

    Real Hi-Hat System that Reproduces Your Every Nuance!

    The hi-hat system of the Yamaha DTX532K features a dual-zone trigger pad (for edge and bow sounds) that mounts to the included Yamaha hi-hat stand for realistic pedal action and versatile positioning. Moreover, the hi-hat can express various styles of play such as open/close position, closed pedal and foot splash. You can even play tip and edge voices for adding subtle nuances to the beat!

    3-Zone Cymbals with “Choke” Feature Deliver Realistic Expression!

    The Yamaha DTX532K also features our professional 3-zone cymbal pads, which can express a different sound in each of the cup, bow and edge zones. These cymbals have a good stick feel and low acoustic noise, which is essential for electronic drums when used for private practice. In addition to a very natural swaying motion, they also have the “choke” function 360-degrees around the edge. You can even mute the cymbal before striking it - a DTX exclusive feature!

    Updated Practice Functions With Scoring

    New drum training functions are included to challenge you no matter your current skill level every time you practice. Working with these tools will help you improve the most important skills for drumming from rhythmic timing to pad accuracy and endurance. The system will even generate a score so you can track your progress as you improve.

    New Design Offers Versatile Trigger and Upgrade Options

    The Yamaha DTX502 module is perfect for use in a ‘hybrid’ kit with your acoustic drum hardware, and can be expanded with four additional pads or triggers. Pad upgrades let you build your dream kit as your skills improve. USB connectivity lets you connect to a PC.

    Your original WAVE can be imported.

    Up to 12sec (sampling rate 44.1kHz, 16bit, mono) , 20 files

    (NOTES: The internal memory of Yamaha DTX502 is also shared by external MIDI file, if you load for example "Song Beat" data, as well your original WAVE file. )