Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Roland

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Roland

Roland TD-50KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit


    Get The Ultimate Electronic Drum Kit And Completely Transform The Way You Think About Drumming With The Roland TD-50KV Electronic Drum Kit

    Roland completely re-defined electronic drumming with the iconic V-Drums in 1997. Outstanding dynamics, realistic sound, great response and playability have been hallmarks of V-Drums, and has set the standard by which all other brands of electronic drums are measured. With the TD-50 Drum Sound Module as the centerpiece, Roland has elevated the expressiveness, response, and playability to a new level. All new sounds have more realism, natural resonance, clarity, and a wider dynamic range to capture every nuance of the player’s technique. 

    To achieve the capabilities of the TD-50’s high-resolution sound engine, Roland has developed a new digital snare pad and ride cymbal that both include a multi-sensor system with digital connection to TD-50 Drum Sound Module. The professional editing functions of the sounds has been expanded allowing you for even more customizing options to shape sounds and create kits suitable for any style of music. A user sample import function has been added allowing the drummer to add their own .WAV files to the TD-50 to trigger your own sounds, loops, or even layer the imported samples internally to create unique new sounds to expand your creativity and musical expression. Additionally, audio output connections have been enhanced providing more flexibility for recording, live performance, or rehearsal and personal practice sessions. The TD-50KV clearly is the ultimate drumming experience.


    The new TD-50 Drum Sound Module, includes high-resolution sound elements to recreate deliver sounds that are vivid, bold and practical for performance. Using Roland’s original technology: “Prismatic Sound Modeling” and integrating the V-Drums advanced trigger-sensing technology, the sound is more dynamic sound and faithfully responds to the drummer’s technique and nuance of how the drums are played physically as well as musically.


    The TD-50 has various Drum KITs suitable with wide-range of music genres, however you can customize the sounds and kits creatively to fit your personal sound and taste. From basic functions such as tuning or shell depth, to cymbal size and thickness, balancing overtone layering, and placement of overhead microphones are just a few performances. With enhanced professional editing parameters, you can easily customize your sound to your taste. From basic functions such as tuning or shell depth, to cymbal size and thickness, balancing overtone layering, and placement of overhead microphones are just a few examples of how you customize the TD-50 sound palette.

    Digital effect processing is also fully supported. Each pad input includes its own individual compressor and 3-band EQ, as well as 3 independent multi-effectors that include 30 types of effects including Delay, Flanger, Saturator, and others to expand your creative options by assigning different effects to individual drums, such as Kick and Snare (for example).

    For recording or live use, a professional 2-band multi compressor and a 4-band to adjust the overall output balance, dynamic range, and volume. 

    While customizing sounds, the new “Snapshot” function is ideal to temporarily store your sound data and compare with a previous edited version, or undo your changes.

    User-sample import and sound layering function to expand your creativity

    The TD-50 has a SD card slot to import external sound data (.wav) and use the imported sounds in same way as an internal TD-50 instrument sound. Not only by simply playing your favorite sound by itself, but you can also use the imported sound as an internal instrument and layer with the another sound or create a loop for even more creative options.  


    Featuring a high-resolution multi-sensor system, the PD-140DS responds accurately and naturally to your drumming technique and nuances, with acoustic-like snare drum playability. With a digital connection to the TD-50 Drum Sound Module, this 14” V-Pad has the expressiveness to please even the most discriminating player. 

    The PD-140DS V-Pad Digital Snare includes Roland’s most advanced V-Drums technology. Thanks to the newly developed multi-sensor system, the resolution for detecting the striking position on the head as well as the playing dynamics are vastly improved. Even a cross stick can be executed using traditional hand technique and without adjusting any module function  

    The PD-140DS includes an advanced 3-layer mesh head for a more natural snare feel and response, and the 14” size matches a standard acoustic snare drum. With this familiar size and outstanding playability, this sound is optimized when connected to the TD-50 Sound Module.

    The PD-140DS has a sensing processor inside the cymbal pad to accurately detect the player’s stroke across the entire head of the pad to produce a natural sound from the TD-50 Drum Sound Module. This processor significantly increases the accuracy of the position where the drum head is struck as well as the depth and dynamics when executing techniques such as a buzz roll or a rim shot, to faithfully produce a superior sound, Additionally, and without changing the sound or function in the sound module, you can play a cross stick naturally without changing your hand position or technique. 


    Featuring a high-resolution multi-sensor system, the CY-18DR V-Cymbal Digital Ride responds to varied cymbal playing techniques to produce sound accurately and naturally. Comfortable to play, the 18” diameter size is a more traditional size for comfortable playability and the physical motion of an acoustic ride cymbal.

    The CY-18DR Digital Ride Cymbal is compatible with TD-50 Drum Sound Module digital pad connection. Thanks to newly developed multi-element sensor system, all nuances of ride cymbal play are faithfully reproduced.

    The CY-18DR has a sensing processor inside the cymbal pad to accurately detect the player’s stroke across the entire area of the cymbal to produce a natural sound from the sound module. This sensor enables the nuance of the cymbal sound to change naturally in different positions on the cymbal, from edge to bow to bell. From legato cymbal swells, soft strokes on the bell, or strong crash accents on the edge, each playing technique is captured accurately. In addition to choking the cymbal with your hand, the player can softly mute the bow of cymbal with a simple touch of a finger.


    With only a single USB cable connected to your Mac or PC, the TD-50 makes multi-track digital recording easy. (Audio: Output 10ch/Input 4ch, plus MIDI Data)

    The audio sampling format is compatible with 48kHz and 96kHz in addition to the standard 44.1kHz, making it ideal for any DAW environment. Simply selecting a kick or snare (for example) for independent recording is easily accomplished with the TD-50 module. You can quickly edit and adjust the sound balance and tone, and assign the recording input channel of the required instrument with your DAW. When you input audio data from your computer to the TD-50, you can control the audio routing and volume by using knobs on the TD-50 panel. This is ideal for controlling click tracks or backing tracks from the computer and creating a custom monitor mix for the player for headphones, in-ear monitors, or monitor speakers


    The TD-50 includes balanced XLR Master Out (first in the V-Drums line-up) and 8 Direct Out (TRS) to connect with a live PA system without the need of a direct box. Assigning a pad (instrument) to these Direct Outputs is flexible and easily selected with the function in the TD-50. On the top panel, there are convenient master and phones volume knobs, and vertically-lined group faders to balance the output level for each pad instantly. If you setup the fader group function only for phones output, you can easily control your monitor mix without sending your mix to the PA front of house or to another band member’s monitor. 


    Even professional drummers need time to practice when not rehearsing, performing, or recording. The TD-50 has a simple personal practice assistance function named “Quiet Count” (an exercise found on most current V-Drums modules). This exercise helps develop and strengthen the player’s “inner clock” by improving accuracy at different tempos.

    Utilizing the SD card functionality, you can record your drumming along with a simple metronome sound or even with a backing track. This is great tool for capturing and refining musical ideas and sharing with fellow musicians to develop ideas for performance or production.