Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Tama

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Tama

Tama HTC807W Roadpro Combination Tom/Cymbal Stand

    Save Weight And Space Without Sacrificing Functionality With The Tama HTC807W Roadpro Combination Stand

    Designed to accommodate both a tom and a cymbal, the HTC807W is a great option when you need to place the stand further from where you want the drum and cymbal to end up thanks to the tom arm sliding along an adjustable channel. This provides up to 60mm (a little over two inches) of lateral adjustment for the tom arm. Coupled with Tama's standard Roadpro features like a gearless cymbal tilter and Omni-Ball angle adjustment for the tom arm, and the HTC807W is sure to help simplify your complicated setups.


    • Movable Tom Positioning
    • Omni-Ball Tom Angle Adjustment (10.5mm L-Arm)
    • Quick-Set Tilter
    • Quick-Set Cymbal Mate Wingnut
    • Double-Braced Legs