Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Pioneer Pro DJ

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Pioneer Pro DJ

Pioneer DJM-2000NXS DJ Mixer

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    The Pioneer dj mixer is equipped with a USB Audio Interface, which allows the audio signal of music playing on a computer to be input to the Pioneer DJM-2000NXS via a USB connection with the computer*6. This makes it possible to use a computer, even without an external sound card, for DJ play. From one computer up to a maximum of four sources of audio signal can be assigned to each channel and mixed. It is also possible to choose to output the audio out of the master channel to the computer. This makes it extremely convenient to record the mixed audio

    The Pioneer dj mixer comes with a new peak limiter that allows playback of master output tracks while limiting distortion, even at maximum output sound levels. This prevents delays in the output audio, while limiting track distortion naturally without affecting the powerful rhythms of tracks.

    A high-performance channel fader has been used to improve durability. This ensures smooth operations even in the demanding surroundings of a club.

    Chrome-plating has been applied to knobs used for adjusting effect frequencies, and a white LED has been used for the beat button used to control beat effects. The look matches that of the CDJ-2000NXS system when they are placed side-by-side, while designed with an advanced appearance.

     Pioneer DJM-2000NXS Features:

    ● LAN terminals for connecting up to 4 multiple players*2 and up to 2 PCs at the same time.

    ● Built-in USB audio interface that can assign audio systems of up to 4 systems to each channel from a single PC.

    ● Switchable 3 band EQ and 3 band ISOLATER on each channel (control from +6 dB to -26 dB with EQ, and +6 dB to -∞ dB with ISOLATER).

    ● Digital input terminals on each channel that allow audio signals to be input without affecting sound quality.

    ● “Talk Over” that lowers the volume of tracks automatically when there is a signal input via the microphone.

    ● “Peak Level Meter” on all channels that allow the input level input to each channel to be checked in an instant.

    ● “Cross Fader Assign” to assign cross faders flexibly to each channel input.

    ● “Fader Curve Adjust” function that allows the cross fader and channel fader curve to be changed.

    ● Environmentally-friendly “Auto Standby Function” that switches the power to standby mode when there is no operation or input for a certain period of time.

    ● Pioneer DJ CD player can be used for fader, start or play functions via a link to the fader control using a PRO DJ LINK connection*2 or a control cable.

    ● Convenient for club or studio as it is 19-inch rack mount ready (Meets EIA standards).