Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Rane

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Rane

Rane SEVENTY-TWO & TWELVE Bundle Deal - Get A 2nd TWELVE FREE!

    Make It RANE - Buy Your Rane SEVENTY-TWO & TWELVE Together And Get A 2nd TWELVE For Free! 

    For a very limited time, RANE is offering a great deal so you can get the best DJ setup for your personal rider. Purchase a SEVENTY-TWO mixer and a TWELVE motorized platter between July 1st, 2019 and August 30th, 2019, and we will give you a second TWELVE motorized platter for FREE! That's a saving of $799!


    The Rane SEVENTY-TWO has been designed in collaboration with champion DJs and their crews all over the world. This battle-class flagship offers the high standards of performance and construction that people expect from RANE, along with ground-breaking technology.

    Now two DJs can battle it out with their laptops simultaneously, through the two USB computer connections of the RANE SEVENTY-TWO. With a brand-new 4.3-inch color touchscreen, the SEVENTY-TWO not only shows Serato’s moving waveforms and their cue points, it also brings a much-needed interactive experience to FX work flows, with two internal FLEX FX engines and stacked Serato effects. Die-cast aluminum toggles and customizable MPC pads unleash the creativity that all battle DJs have in them.

    Importantly, the SEVENTY-TWO is the first time that users will experience RANE’s brand-new MAG THREE fader. Dramatically updating their patented, industry-changing Mag Fader design, the new MAG THREE fader offers a unique touchless, tension-adjustable fader with perfect tactile feel and precision, combined with a long and reliable life. It makes for a DJ experience simply unavailable anywhere else.


    The TWELVE is a simple, pure and powerful motorized DJ control system without the hassle of fragile needles and skipping tone arms. Keeping things consistent with a familiar turntable layout and size, the only clear differentiator is a precision, multi-function touch strip for track searching and setting or triggering hot cues in place of the tone arm.

    The vinyl experience is fully customizable with your favorite slipmat. With an all-metal body the TWELVE is built like a tank, but it has the agility of a sports car. It is truly battle-ready. 

    With the TWELVE, the DJ can scratch and play with all the direct spontaneity and creativity of a turntablist, but with the precision, repeatability and durability of the best digitally-based solutions. The TWELVE is the very best of both. 

    There is simply nothing else like a TWELVE, anywhere... and you'll have TWO!