Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Kurzweil

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Kurzweil

Kurzweil PC3A7 76-Key Performance Controller

    Get Amazing Acoustic, Electric, And Synthesizer Sounds, With Advanced Programming Features - The Kurzweil PC3A7 76-Key Performance Controller

    Your new instrument offers amazing acoustic, electric, and synthesizer sounds, combined with advanced programming features that will let you create almost any sound you can imagine. This manual covers the PC3A in its 88, 76, and 61-note configurations (PC3A8, PC3A7, and PC3A6.) For the most part, anywhere we talk about the PC3A in this manual we mean any of these instruments.

    In Program Mode, press the Exp 1 Bank button to access KORE64 Programs (IDs 3200-3590), or press the Exp 2 Bank button to access the German D Grand EXP Programs (IDs 3700-3730). By default, program 3700 will be selected when the PC3A is first powered on.

    In addition to the great sounds and programming features, the PC3A is fully equipped with performance features you’ll use at every gig. For example, there are nine conveniently situated sliders for accurately emulating the drawbars on a tone wheel organ such as a Hammond B3™. And the PC3A’s 24 dedicated sound select buttons, along with its Quick Access banks will let you instantly choose and change sounds whenever you like.

    Advanced program, keymap and sample editing features allow you to customize your sounds further. You’re able to map any sample to any key, tune individual samples, change the start, alt start, loop point and end point of samples and even assign a controller to adjust sample start point in real-time.

    If you’ve used other Kurzweil gear, you’ll have no trouble getting up and running quickly. Bear in mind, however, that the PC3A’s beauties are more than skin-deep; you’ll want to read this manual, as well as the materials at the website to take full advantage of your instrument.