Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of QSC

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of QSC

QSC TouchMix-8 Compact Digital Mixer

    Experience A Wide Range Of Features And Functions With The QSC TouchMix-8 Compact Digital Mixer

    QSC TouchMix compact digital mixers are designed for musicians, production professionals and live performance venues that need the power and capability of a large “concert” mixing console in a compact, affordable and easy to use form. TouchMix-8 and TouchMix-16 mixers have the functionality to satisfy demanding professionals combined with a range of features and functions that help the less experienced user achieve quality results.


    Simple Mode makes getting great results easy and fast (similar to the “Auto” function on a DSLR camera)
    Advanced Mode gives pro users total control over all mixer parameters
    Wizards and preset libraries created specifically for live sound reinforcement assist the user with channel setup, effects selection and more
    Built-in color touchscreen combined with hardware controls for fast and intuitive operation


    4-band full parametric EQ and variable high-pass filter on all input channels.
    Gate and compressor on all input channels
    Four premium stereo DSP’s with a full selection of professional digital effects
    1/3 octave graphic EQ, notch filters, limiters and delay on main and aux. outputs, DCA’s and mute groups High Quality microphone preamps Channel-selectable phantom power
    Multiple monitor mixes including ability to drive in-ears directly
    Multitrack direct to disk recording/playback via external USB hard drive (not included.) No computer required.
    QSC TouchMix delivers all the processing power and features that a professional live sound engineer could want.


    Approximately the size and weight of a small laptop computer
    Operation via internal color touch-screen and rotary dial, mobile device or both simultaneously
    USB Wi-Fi adapter included. No additional network hardware required for remote control
    Includes padded carrying case for protection and easy transport