Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of C.F. Martin Co.

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of C.F. Martin Co.

Martin Custom Shop OM Size, 28 Style Acoustic Guitar - Cocobolo With Alpine Spruce

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    Explore Beautiful Tone - The Martin Custom Shop OM Size, 28 Style Acoustic Guitar, Where Cocobolo Meets Swiss Alpine Spruce - Chuck Levin's 60th Anniversary Collection

    This marks our 60th year serving the musical community since opening our doors in 1958. To commemorate this moment, we created a selection of upgraded and unique builds exclusively for our customers.

    Our special Anniversary Martin acoustic is optimal for the player who enjoys the warmth of a rosewood, but wants to work with a tone that has a bit more focus. We picked Cocobolo as our tonewood of choice. It is a gorgeous looking wood that evokes fast, responsive and articulate response with lots of note distinction - particularly when it's triggered by a tightly grained soundboard of Swiss spruce. 

    Believe it or not, the top of your guitar - your soundboard - is more than a pretty face. It is the excitement of this resonant diaphram that is responsible for translating sound from your strings across and through the face of the instrument and down into it's body. The string sound that passes through the top is transformed in a response driven by the resonant character of the body tonewoods. That sound will now turn pass back through the soundhole and top again, upward and out, in it's new, more complex form. So - your guitar's top will determine the immediate responsiveness as well as a good deal of the overall quality of your sound's presentation.

    One of the best matches we found to compliment cocobolo's character was a top built of Swiss Alpine high altitude spruce. Although really of the same species as German spruce, it's natural color - before finish toner is applied - favors a slightly whiter appearance overall. C.F.Martin selects this top wood tonally with a preference for it's older, slow growth characteristics. Much like another popular choice, Adirondack spruce, this 4A graded top wood is chosen because of range. It is quick to respond to a lighter touch, but it has great tolerance for the heavier hand. It's very difficult to "outplay" this sort of top because it just keeps up - and only gets louder still. 

    An inherent virtue of this top is that a stiffer top grain "opens up" in your time spent playing with it. Each top is a unique piece of wood that ultimately becomes a slightly a warmer and sweeter version of it's younger self over the years. What a perfect companion.

    Cocobolo is a dense, fairly stiff tropical hardwood from Mexico. This wonderful tone wood has the color vibrancy of rare, highly figured rosewoods, opening visual possibilities within the endless blending of it's reds into it's browns or blacks. Tonally, this body wood for back and sides has edge - the more focused mid character often associated with koa embedded in the lower tones and the overall musical feel of a rosewood.

    Although there are the possible rosewoods or other tonewood combinations that may produce a bit more low end, cocobolo actually works well for this smaller body size because it can be counted on to respond to deliver something extra to punch through the rest should needs arise. 

    Blending the best of yesterdays with today, the Chuck Levin's 60th Anniversary Model is a shared inspiration offering from the Levin family and the C.F. Martin Guitar Company. Please enjoy these guitars responsibly.

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