Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Scodwell

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Scodwell

Scodwell Flugelhorn - Scratch Lacquer

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    About Scodwell Flugelhorns

    Tony Scodwell, master trumpet and flugelhorn player of Las Vegas fame, painstakingly builds his horns by hand with exacting specifications. His Scodwell flugelhorn plays effortlessly with impeccable intonation. The sound of the Scodwell flugelhorn is focused and rich with many warm overtones. Great response and lots of flexibility. You're in for a treat when you get the opportunity to play this horn.

    The Scodwell Flugelhorns are recognized by the finest players for being the most in-tune and responsive Flugelhorns made today. Inspired by the best of the earlier French Flugelhorns, the innovative lower tuning branch gives flawless intonation along with the deep, dark sounds of the very best but with wonderful clarity to the Scodwell Flugelhorn's sound. The traditional tuning shank at the leadpipe gives the player maximum adjustability regardless of the mouthpiece being used. The optional copper bell and tuning branch model is offered in addition to the yellow brass bell and branch model. both models are finished in clear or brush lacquer.