Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Marcus Bonna

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Marcus Bonna

Marcus Bonna Triple Clarinet Case


Special Order Item - Please Allow Extra Time For Delivery

    Get The Perfect Case For Your Precious Instruments, Getting Them From A To B Without Any Worry In Between - The Marcus Bonna Triple Clarinet Case

    Including: 2 backpack straps, shoulder strap and rain cover. The MB cases for wood are made so that there is no pressure on the instrument keys.


    Marcus Bonna was a São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra horn player from 1982 to 2002.

    After suffering an accident in 1990 and have had his back seriously hurt, he projected a case for himself, lighter, compact and with a brand new design in order to facilitate the transportation of his instrument, as the cases which there were in the market were too big and heavy.

    At his surprise, the case was so successfully among his colleagues from the orchestra that, in a short time, the same colleagues had the new case made in fiberglass by Marcus Bonna himself. (Model MB 1).

    In 1991, the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra had a performance in São Paulo. When the horn players from this orchestra saw the new horn case model they got very impressed and interested in getting one.

    For this reason, to start sending the orders, not only to Brazil but also abroad, in 1991 the MB company was founded, that nowadays has 45 employees at his own head office located in Bragança Paulista (80km from São Paulo).

    Besides the production section and the management section, the Company also has a good canteen, play room and an auditorium with a grand piano to classes and chamber music. The MB exports about 480 cases a month for more than 25 countries. All the cases and mutes are handmade. The cases model are exclusive (some of them are protected by a patent), all designed and developed by Marcus Bonna himself.

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United States

Great case!

I love my Marcus Bonna case for many reasons: 1. There is plenty of space for all three clarinets, plus space for mouthpieces, reeds, and other accessories. 2. If you don’t always need the Eb clarinet, there is plenty of extra storage space 3 It is light weight and comfortable to wear 4. Fits under the airplane seat as a personal item There is one major con with my case. The new metal hooks that connect the straps to the case are a fantastic feature for stronger durability. However, I wore a knit sweater with this case on my back, and the metal got stuck on the sweater creating latge holes in multiple places. I also have very long hair that is constantly getting stuck and being pulled by the hooks. There must be something that can be put over these hooks to prevent this from happening. A small problem with my case is that the top does not align straight to the bottom when closing. I wonder if the stress that this causes might lesson the lifespan of this case. Just something to keep in mind when shopping for your own. Overall, I love this case and believe it is worth the investment.