Ken Smith BSR5 5 String Electric Bass - White Tiger

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    Hear The Roar Of This Phenomenal Bass With An Exotic Finish - Ken Smith BSR5 5 String Electric Bass In White Tiger

    The White Tiger is a sister model of the “Black Tiger”. The Tiger Maple used for the Top & Back has also acclimated for many years within the Ken Smith Basses building and is blended to the same Black Walnut as the Body Core.

    Ken Smith purchased dozens of Black Walnut trees (logs) about 12-15 years ago, sliced them up and air dried all the Lumber in their building. Only about 1% of Walnut Lumber has figured sections (Black Walnut is usually unfigured). On occasion, a piece is discovered with Rare Crotch Feather, Circular Grain, Criss/Cross Figure, or a Flame Pattern. Ken has “cherry picked” pieces of this rare Figured Walnut to make this special model. The enhanced beauty, construction and tone is a perfect match for this rare Limited Edition Model.