Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Genzler Amplification

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Genzler Amplification

Genzler MG350-BA10 350 Watt Bass Combo Amplifier


    Play The Pinnacle Of Dynamic Bass Tone Through The Resilience Of Neodymium Drivers - The Genzler MG350-BA10 Bass Combo Amplifier

    Introducing the latest MAGELLAN® series bass amplifier, the MAGELLAN® 350. The MG-350 represents the pinnacle in the next generation in compact, lightweight, high-output, versatile, bass amplification.

    The Magellan 350 Head

    The MAGELLAN® 350 is the little brother of the larger MAGELLAN® 800 - but only in relation to its smaller compact size.  The MG-350 meets the same stringent design parameters for form, function, fit and finish as our larger MAGELLAN® 800.  The feature set and 350 watt output power level of this tiny amplifier make it a “big boy” in its amplifier class.   As well, the MG-350 delivers exactly what players have come to expect from the GENZLER® design team -- performance, versatility and reliability.

    From natural, pristine, transparent reproduction of the bass instrument to classic, vintage harmonic textures, the MG-350 provides the tonal pallet needed to cover all of the bassist’s amplifier requirements and is ideal for electric or upright bassists.

    The BA 10-2 Bass Array Cabinet

    GENZLER AMPLIFICATION is proud to announce the addition of the new BA10-2 model to the innovative BASS ARRAY line of bass guitar cabinets that the company first introduced in 2015.   Based upon the overwhelming success and popularity of this one-of-a-kind bass cabinet design, we’ve now expanded these offerings to include this ultra-compact single 10” model.

    The BA10-2 blends the punch and quickness of a premium Neodymium 10” driver in a compact vented bass reflex enclosure, along with the performance and pattern control of a proprietary line array element utilizing 4 custom designed 2.5” neodymium full-range drivers.  With the Bass Array™ design, the placement of the line array in front of the 10” woofer provides extremely broad projection, quickness and articulation. As well, the all-important mid and high frequencies have a much wider horizontal dispersion with a more controlled vertical pattern. 

    The benefits of combining both design platforms in an extremely compact cabinet are exponential for the player requiring a small, yet powerful enclosure.  The BA10-2 also offers a unique cabinet shape with an angled baffle --- tilting up towards the player --- and a single top/rear mounted edge-lift handle for an easy grab and go solution. When stacking 2 cabinets they form a unique “arc” for increased dispersion.

    The BA10-2 delivers a full-bodied, defined, musically smooth and seamless response, along with the most even projection possible around the perimeter of the stage and through-out the audience.

    This compact combo model is ideal for electric or upright bass requirements. 

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Redeemed Wretch
Fairfax, Va

Wow, Mr Genzler never fails to amaze!

I spent years giging with a SWR Super Redhead, and I sold it to a friend after I had to stop playing out. I am now mainly playing upright and fretless basses, and very few amps can handle a slide to low b on a fretless or worse, arco on the upright. The Magellan 350 transparent sound laughs at it!! Seriously, with the eq flat, and gain and master at 9 o’clock it is pretty darn loud! I can’t imagine if you added a second cab to it. The ton is amazing, the contour **** can add color, but with my basses I want the woodyness to dominate the sound. I also ran it with an fretted schecter and have never heard it sound better. Really, this little combo is cheaper, lighter, and sounds much better than my old SWR! Zero regrets on getting it! The folks at Chucks were awesome as always!!!