Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Collings Guitars

Chuck Levin's is an authorized dealer of Collings Guitars

Collings SJ Maple Small Jumbo Acoustic Guitar With 1.75" Nut

Make Yourself Heard With A Collings SJ Maple Small Jumbo Acoustic Guitar With 1.75" Nut. A Combination Of Small Jumbo Style With Maple Body Wood Lends A Distinctive Edge That Lets Your Sound Stand Out.

The SJ is the Collings version of what is commonly called a small Jumbo. Although the 16 inch lower bout is slightly wider than a dreadnought, and the sides almost as deep, the tight curve at the waist creates in a very different sound chamber. SJs, especially examples in maple, typically have a more pronounced midrange response when compared to a dreadnought, making them ideal candidates for a rounded cutaway. Players looking for the bass and overall volume of a large guitar, but with lots of treble clarity and midrange crunch, often find just what they need in the curvaceous SJ.

From the starting point of the wood's density and rigidity, each acoustic guitar top is hand selected, evaluated, and carved to it's own unique thickness, maximizing the tonal potential of each top.Each Collings acoustic guitar , from their most affordable to the highest end, are built with the finest tonewoods available. Each wood is aquired, aclimated andhand selected by master luthiers here at our shop who pick each component with the whole tonality of the end instrument in mind. The Collings SJ includes a premium flame maple back and sides with a black/white maple backstrip as standard. A combination of PLEK leveling and hand fret dressing insures consistently excellent playability and a silky fret feel. Premium Waverly open gear tuners offer exceptional tuning stability and smooth reliable operation.


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