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About Our Front Counter / Accessories Department

Front Counter / Accessories Department

Chuck Levin always thought of The Front Counter as mission control for his store. This is where customers are greeted, where so many musical conversations kick off and where accessories from every department—ranging from reeds for woodwind instruments, to student and professional mouthpieces and guitar straps—are sold. Need to buy a new guitar string, effect pedal, cable or turntable needle? Visit the Front Counter. Want to talk music with one of our experts?

Step on up. We’re always here to address your needs.

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About Our Band & Orchestra Department

Band & Orchestra Department

Chuck Levin believed that buying an instrument was a personal—even emotional—experience for band and orchestra musicians. That’s why we’ve designed a truly unique shopping experience that brings our Band and Orchestra Department to life.

Our customers have the opportunity to play a wide range of string, as well as woodwind and brasswind instruments using their own mouthpieces, all while accessing the assistance and insights of our specialized music experts to select the right instruments based on their needs and musical abilities. That includes school and government agencies, groups we’ve long supplied and who have contributed to our success throughout Chuck’s history. As an approved vendor of musical instruments for school districts and cooperative purchasing groups throughout the country, we know how to address your unique needs.

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About Our Microphones Department

Microphones Department

A great mic can make a musical performance.

Somewhere up in the Great Music Store In The Sky, Chuck Levin is offering that very piece of advice to a musician (we think maybe Hendrix or Presley). Our microphone department gives you the opportunity to test both speaking and singing voices into a variety of microphones. Our sound experts are on-hand to help you decide which mic or public address system is best suited to your needs.

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About Our Drums & Percussion Department

Drums & Percussion Department

We sell more acoustic drum sets than any other American retailer. That’s why we’re known as one of the nation’s top drum kit retailers, and for good reason: we provide industry-leading service, a hands-on experience, reliable advice and unbeatable pricing. Our department features a sound-proof cymbal testing room, as well as the ideal conditions to measure the sound of your next drum set. We like to think of it as the kind of space that would make Max Roach or John Bonham proud.

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About Our Guitars Department

Electric Guitars Department
Electric Guitar and Bass Department

Sometimes it takes one guitar hero to help another choose the right six-string (or four, or 12) to suit their playing style, skill level and musical goals. Whatever your need, our team of professional guitarists is here to help you choose from a diverse supply of electric guitars and bass featuring every top brand in the industry, not to mention custom guitars built right here on-site (available in-store only). One important part of our selection is the meticulously-curated PRS Collection. Based in Stevensville, MD, PRS specializes in intricate hand-made, custom-painted guitars—each of which is unique. When it comes time to pick the right amplifier and other guitar accessories, our department has you covered with an impressive selection of equipment.

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Acoustic Guitar Department
Acoustic Guitar Room

Is there anything more perfect than playing a well-tuned acoustic guitar in a quiet room? Chuck and Marge’s son Alan Levin didn’t think so, which is why he built our state-of-the-art acoustic guitar room. You see, Alan is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to guitars and acoustics, so he carefully crafted this room with the utmost attention to detail.

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Keyboards & Synthesizer

About Our Keyboards & Synthesizer Department

Keyboards & Synthesizer Department

Our Keyboard and Synthesizer department features a comprehensive variety of items ranging from household consoles and organs, to professional studio equipment—and everything in between. Whether you’re looking for a keyboard to play at church or a synthesizer for your next club concert, we have the equipment to suit your needs.

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About Our Pro Sound, DJ / Lighting Department

Pro Sound / Sound Systems
Pro Sound / Sound Systems

Chuck Levin’s son Robert was a stickler for detail when it came to sound. As he put it, “All the musicianship in the world can be diminished by bad sound.” He understood that for a musician, a perfect beat or tune mean everything. Robert and his son Adam have engrained that philosophy across our Pro Sound Department, stocking it with the very latest in equipment and technology designed to suit musicians ranging from hip-hop impresarios to electronic music fans. In addition to featuring portable recording technology, much of our stock is also iPad-integrated. Oh, and when we say we do ‘Everything in Music,’ we really mean it. The department features the world’s largest selection of analog mixers, powered speakers, passive speakers, line arrays, portable systems, power amps and digital mixers. Our experts are real-life engineers who have designed sound systems for garage bands, touring stadium systems, and everything in between. In other words, they know what they’re doing and are ready to help you choose from top brands including Adam, Allen & Heath

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DJ Department
Dj Systems

Our DJ department a unique experience allowing everyone from hobbyists to pros to visit, touch, spin, listen and talk to our experts—as we like to say, we don’t just outfit DJs, we are DJs. It’s that kind of immersive experience that’s earned us the title of ‘Best Single DJ Store in the U.S.’ more times than any other retailer in the Country Offering a huge selection of turntables, controllers, mixers, software and lighting—from disco balls to strobes—headphones, laptop stands and DJ bags also helps, of course.

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Lighting Department
Lighting Systems

Whatever the need, we have the right lighting to add flavor, accents, highlights, and color to any situation. We’ve helped design the lighting systems for some of Washington, D.C.’s top nightclubs, not to mention helping houses of worship big and small improve the presentation of their services with our heavenly lighting touches. From LEDs to lasers, up lights to washes, DMX controllers and software to trussing, and system design, our team of experts will help you select the perfect lighting system to suit your needs.

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Recording & Studio

About Our Recording & Studio Department

Recording & Studio Department

If you’ve ever dreamt of stepping into a recording studio to play or sing your heart out, you need to pay our Recording Department a visit—and get ready to spend a lot of time testing the merchandise. We cater to everyone from novices looking to break into the world of recording, to well-established recording artists. Whatever your level of expertise or experience, our team of professional recording experts will help you assemble all the components you need to build a top notch recording studio.

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School and Government Sales

About Our School and Government Sales Department

 School and Government Sales Department

Sharing the gift of music with as many people as possible was a personal passion for Chuck Levin. It’s the reason he built our Government/School instrument sales department into the industry’s best. With that in mind, our professional sales team has been serving government agencies, military bands, public and private schools and various other institutions for more than 50 years. Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center is an approved vendor for school districts and cooperative purchasing groups around the country, including nationwide cooperatives such as TIPS/TAPS, BuyBoard, TCPN, Mohave Purchasing Cooperative, and Education Service Centers. In other words, we know a thing or two about catering to musical needs of large groups.

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