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Yamaha's New "Boston C" Trumpet | A True Game-Changer

Yamaha YTR-9445NYSII Model C Trumpet

Take A Look At The Trumpet That Changed The Game For The Boston Symphony Orchestra | The New Yamaha YTR-9445NYSII-YM Model C Trumpet

Game changer is a term too often thrown into the mix these days. Everything is a game changer for this or for that, to the point that it doesn't hold the same meaning it once did. However, sometimes a product comes along that truly changes the way we think about everything. This is the case with Yamaha's new Xeno Artist C Trumpet, affectionately known as the "Boston C".

The Boston C Trumpet started life as the YTR-9445NYSII, the highly successful New York Model of Yamaha's C Trumpet line. During several meetings with the BSO, it was determined that, in order to take advantage of all the acoustic properties of Boston's famed Symphony Hall, several alterations were necessary--enter the YM bell. Slightly steeper in flare than the YS bell on the NY model, the YM bell retains all of the power and projection of the YS while dramatically altering the trumpet's perceived sound in Symphony Hall. This effect was such a shock that all four trumpet players in the BSO are now using this design.  It may have been a subtle change, but it truly changed the game for the BSO trumpet section.

In a recent interview with our very own  Lee Walkowich, Principal Trumpet Tom Rolfs Jr. said "Our Yamaha trumpets have the best ringing sound of any trumpets we've ever played. Their range of color, volume, and clarity fit perfectly in Symphony Hall with the Boston Symphony Orchestra.” He went on to describe them as having "nice ring and not overly bright and they play easily with lots of color." 

Tom Rolfs Jr. Principal Trumpet Boston Symphony Orchestra Tom Rolfs

Grammy Award Winning Orchestral Performance - Two Years In A Row

We at Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center would like to congratulate the Boston Symphony on their second year in a row winning a Grammy Award For Best Orchestra Performance for Shostakovich Under Stalin's Shadow: Symphonies 5, 8 and 9 on the Deutsche Grammophon Label. The folks at Deustche Grammophon even singled out the trumpet section on their sparkling sound.

We know a winner when we see one, which is why we've ordered Yamaha's entire stock of the new Boston C trumpet. If you want to get your hands on the trumpet so game-changing that it caused the entire BSO trumpet section to switch to Yamaha, there is only one place you'll find it.  Right Here at Chuck Levin's.


Yamaha YTR-9445NYSII-YM Model C Trumpet And Case