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Tone Made Easy - Effects

Tone Made Easy - Effects Workshop

Wednesday May 4th, 6:00pm


Tone Made Easy - Effects Presented By Line 6

Do you want to learn how to apply the most common guitar effects into your sound?

Do you want to learn how to place your effects in your signal chain?

Do you want to learn how iconic artists create their unique tone by using effects?

Attend Tone Made Easy – Effects and learn:

  • Common applications and settings for gain-based, modulation and delay effects
  • How using expression pedals like wah, volume and pitch benders can accent your tone
  • A step-by-step look at iconic guitar rigs–and how to recreate them!
  • Tips and tricks for creating your signature sound
  • Line 6 Product Specialists will examine these subjects and answer your questions.
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We’re giving away a Hal Leonard Tab+ guitar tab and tone book and you’ll be entered to win a Sonic Port VX mobile audio interface.

This workshop will improve how you dial-in your guitar tone and inspire you to play more!