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Make Music Day | June 21st At Chuck's

Celebrate Make Music Day At Chuck's With Two Special Events

Make Music Day

B&B Music Lessons Is Offering FREE Music Lessons For Guitar And Piano

Wednesday June 21st, 4:00PM - 7:00PM

Since 2005, B&B has created a community of reliable and talented teachers in the DC/MD/VA area. Private music lessons with B&B instructors are fun and engaging while maintaining the fundamentals of music theory and technique. They make sure that music lessons are enjoyable and individually tailored for the music student. Throughout the day on June 21st, you can sign up for one Free 20 minute lesson for either guitar or piano. Sign up here....

Greg Lukens And Bill Wolf Host "The Artistic Approach To Mastering" A Free Seminar

Wednesday June 21st, 6:30PM - 9:00PM

With the power of today’s plugin processing combined with the feel of real-time analog processing we will take great sounding mixes and lift them to a higher level of clarity and dimension. For this special mastering seminar we will be featuring some of the amazing products available through Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center and Washington Professional Systems.

Our system will be, Wavelab 9 with it’s Master Rig plugin suite, Merging Technologies Horace as our Analog interface that will allow us to include a Chandler VeryCurve Equalizer and a Shadow hills Mastering compressor in our processing path and the Horace will also provide our monitoring conversion.

Our studio monitoring will be Barefoot Sound.