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Introducing Schagerl Drums | Only At Chuck's

Announcing Schagerl Drums | Available Now | Only At Chuck Levin's

Chuck Levin's proudly introduces our newest line of Schagerl Instruments—Schagerl Drums. These drums are hand-made in Austria and feature some of the most striking finishes we've ever seen. These drums have cambered shells that taper in at the top and the bottom that resonate like no other drum we've ever heard. Our first shipment included two copper Persephone models, two brass Antares models and the flagship Berlin Philharmonic Edition. Each of these drums ship in a custom padded soft case with a drawstring velvet bag/polishing cloth. Read more about each drum below.

  • Schagerl 14" x 5" Persephone Snare Drum

    Schagerl 14" x 5" Persephone Snare Drum
    Raw Lacquered Finish

    The Schagerl Persephone Snare Drum in Raw Lacquered is every bit worthy of its Greek namesake. The shell is 0.8mm copper that is hand-finished to a lustrous patina and then lacquered to preserve the finish. The beautiful raw lacquered finish ensures that no two drums are alike. The strainer is a Trick Drums Multi-step strainer for precise snare control and the single point solid brass lugs allow the shell to resonate freely. Read More...

  • Schagerl 14" x 6.5" Persephone Snare DrumSchagerl 14" x 6.5" Persephone Snare Drum
    Raw Finish

    The deeper shell on this Schagerl Persephone provides a 30% increase in volume, which opens up a new world of resonance. The cask shape of the shell with undersized top and bottom edges create a pure overtone akin to that of a tympani. This particular Persephone snare drum features an unlacquered raw finish will age over time producing a beautiful patina that is unique. The acoustically neutral nature of the copper shell makes it an ideal studio drum. Read More...

  • Schagerl 14" x 5" Antares Snare DrumSchagerl 14" x 5" Antares Snare Drum
    Raw Lacquered Finish

    Antares is the brightest star in the constellation scorpius and is the fifth-brightest observable star in the night sky. Named for its equal footing to the Greek God Ares, it is easy to see why Schagerl chose Antares as the name for its line of brass snare drums. Each drum makes a bold statement with heavy yellow brass tube lugs and a raw finished 0.7mm brass shell.   Read More...

  • Schagerl 14" x 6.5" Antares Snare DrumSchagerl 14" x 6.5" Antares Snare Drum
    Raw Lacquered Finish

    The deeper Antares Snare truly shows off Schagerl's experience with brass instruments. This model's 30% volume increases the resonance at the lower end of the spectrum, which gives it tremendous body. The cambered shell further enhances resonance and the Trick multi-step strainer allows for precise adjustments. Adorned with 2.3mm yellow brass over steel hoops, the Antares evokes images of battle-worn Grecian armor while retaining a subtle elegance.  Read More....

  • Schagerl 14" x 5" Berlin Philharmonic Snare DrumSchagerl 14" x 5" Berlin Philharmonic Snare Drum
    Raw Finish - Calf Head

    The Schagerl Berlin Philharmonic Signature Snare Drum is best described as a practical collector's item. Its gorgeous raw finish copper shell is unlacquered allowing it to age over time. Each drum will develop a patina completely unique to its environment, which means it would look great as a collector's item. However, this drum is meant to be played, and played a lot. 
    There are 3 bundles of 3 cable snare wires that are all independently adjustable using the Pearl concert style strainer. Players can dial in the precise amount of buzz required from each bundle while retaining the option to globally adjust all bundles. Finally, the natural calf head is one of the most sensitive in the industry ensuring that even during the most pianissimo pieces, the snare remains true and responsive.  Read More...