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In Studio Live Spotlight | April + Vista

April + Vista

We had the pleasure of hosting April George and Matthew Thompson for a round of In Studio Live shoots at Beyond Studios DC. April’s ability on the keys and her vocal talent combined with Matthew’s skills and taste as a producer and engineer result in the audience settling down somewhere in between trip hop, R&B, jazz, soul and indie rock. We took some time to chat with April + Vista about their performances, the meaning behind the tracks and the technology they used to realize their music.

Their first song, “If Light Escapes,” draws its name from the event horizon surrounding a black hole, past which, light cannot escape. The track was written about overcoming loneliness when it seems impossible to keep going and finding your own inner strength. Their second track, “Voices,” carries a similar message. The song is almost written as an inner monologue in the third person. If you’ve ever had a hard time moving past or getting over something and felt like speaking to yourself in the third person you’ll identify with “Voices.”

In order to bring these songs to life April relies on the Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano. She loves the feel of the keys, and the warm vintage tone it puts out. When a real Rhodes isn’t available, this is the next best thing. Matthew is the man behind the machine, using Ableton Live to provide drum loops, melodies, vocal effects and more. He utilizes two main MIDI controllers to interface with Ableton, an AKAI APC40MKII and an AKAI MPK49. Matthew said that the functionality and versatility of Ableton Live allows him to view production differently. The software allows him to approach performance and production in a non-linear fashion. With this setup it is easy to bounce from clip to clip, and track to track in an unconventional way.

Checkout The In Studio Live Performance of "If Light Escapes.

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