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How to Take Your DJ Set to the Next Level

Some DJs think that once they’ve got the music down, they’re ready to take the stage. Although your beats are definitely the pinnacle of your DJ set, there are some things you can do to take it to the next level. Check out our five tips to get started.

5 Ways to Take Your DJ Set to the Next Level:

1.Introduce lighting and effects to your set.
This can include uplighting, lasers, and fog or haze (be sure to ask your venue if fog and haze are allowed!)

2.Don’t just press play.
Your audience is more educated than they used to be. Don’t get caught doing nothing. Mix, add effects, and read the audience.

3.Use high quality audio files.
.wav files should be your standard. Stay away from MP3 wherever you can and DO NOT RIP FROM YOUTUBE. People want to hear a DJ who brings more to the music than YouTube can.

4.Use truss to give a larger and more impactful visual presentation.
Check out our guide for using truss for some additional tips!

5.Try introducing video to your set.
Many controllers and software allow for video integration. Add even more robust visual awesomeness and make your experience more immersive.

Need some additional gear or professional advice? Hit up our Pro DJ department and we’ll help you out.