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Gear Roundup: Bluetooth–Enabled Products & Brands

It’s been thirteen years since the patent for Bluetooth was issued – and the technology continues to change how we stream and listen to music. Apple’s AirPods – love them or hate them – aren’t the only innovation using Bluetooth technology to push the audio equipment industry forward, but they’re certainly the one shaking up the internet and creating a sea of buzz around this alternative method of streaming and listening.


Now that Apple has taken a sizable step to Bluetooth-first technology, we’ve rounded up the latest in Bluetooth-enabled products and broken down some must-have’s:

JBL – EON ONE Speaker

This wireless, all-in-one speaker is perfect for busking or small venue shows. The tower, including a subwoofer and top speakers is Bluetooth-enabled for playing pre-recorded backing tracks or just for listening; the speaker is compatible with most mobile devices. It delivers clean, crisp sound across an entire venue for an optimal listening experience.

Perfect For: The musician on-the-go who is looking for lightweight and compact audio equipment.

Roli Seaboard RISE 25
and Seaboard RISE 49

Roli Seaboard RISE 25

Cost-effect and versatile, the Roli Seaboard RISE 25 and Seaboard RISE 49 are gaining rapid popularity among musicians and critics. These keyboards support wireless MIDI using Bluetooth technology for easy, complex MIDI control from your mobile device. Uniquely designed with a flexible “keywave” surface, these keyboards have incredible expression and deliver complex sound both in the studio and during a live show.

Perfect For: Performers and creative producers and sound designers alike.

Samson Expedition Series

Samson Expedition Series

The Samson Expedition Series is a lightweight, all-in-one solution that combines versatility with clear, clean audio. Its battery-powered, Bluetooth-enabled, portable speakers make it usable virtually anywhere – including the outdoors.

Perfect For: This bundle of DJ equipment is perfect for mobile DJs or anyone looking to deliver a professional presentation in an environment that lacks power outlets.

Yamaha MD-BT01

The MD-BT01 from Yamaha includes a Bluetooth Midi Adapter that converts a wide range of music applications to wireless. Compatible with any instrument with a MIDI IN/OUT terminal, it connects with devices using an iOS or MAC operating system and makes wireless, seamless MIDI transfer possible. Musicians will love this innovation in Bluetooth-enabled technology as it makes equipment more portable and reduces the risk of tripping over wires.

Yamaha MD-BT01

Perfect For: Musicians and producers looking to clean up some wires and declutter.

Line 6 Amplifi Series

Line 6 offers a full line of Bluetooth products that enable musicians to play and record music wirelessly. One of our favorite products is the Line 6 Amplifi Line of Guitar Amplifiers

Line 6 Amplifi Series

The Line 6 Amplifi series of amplifiers are all Bluetooth enabled guitar amps. Not only can you wireless control effects and shape your tone through the app for iOS and android, but you can wirelessly stream audio from your device via Bluetooth, turning your guitar amp into a great sounding wireless speaker.

Perfect For: All skill levels of guitar players.

As Bluetooth technology advances, all of the top brands are taking note and pushing the envelope with new, wireless solutions compatible with mobile devices. Fewer wires and more portable equipment makes life easier on the road, in the studio, and on stage, and manufacturers are taking notice – certainly only further pushed by Apple’s power play in removing the headphone jack on all iPhones.

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