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Whether you're an acoustic player or an electric player (or both), don't get caught picking the wrong strings.

Why Removing the Headphone Jack from the iPhone 7 is a Good Idea

Did the removal of the headphone jack get you down? Despite this self-inflicted friction, Apple is still seeing demand outweigh supply – with a projected 70 to 75 million iPhone 7 units sold in 2016, according to popular technology blog, BGR. Apple does not make massive changes to the iPhone without first seriously considering every angle [...]

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Gear Roundup: Bluetooth–Enabled Products & Brands

It’s been thirteen years since the patent for Bluetooth was issued – and the technology continues to change how we stream and listen to music. Apple’s AirPods – love them or hate them – aren’t the only innovation using Bluetooth technology to push the audio equipment industry forward, but they’re certainly the one shaking up the internet and creating [...]

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How to Use the iPhone as a Recording System

You’ve already heard our take on the matter, but in case you’ve been living under a rock, or an iPhone 5/6, let’s give you a refresher – Apple has removed the headphone jack from their iPhone 7 series of smartphones. Pretty big deal, but also something that should not have you freaking out… This is [...]

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September Events

SEE WHAT EVENTS WE HAVE AT OR AROUND CHUCK LEVIN'S THIS SEPTEMBER Harman Retail Truck - September 6th - HARMAN is coming to a town near you to show off our latest gear! We'll be featuring the new JBL EON ONE all-in-one PA, plus the new PRX800 best-in-class PA system.This is your chance to get hands-on with [...]

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August Events

SEE WHAT EVENTS WE HAVE AT OR AROUND CHUCK LEVIN'S THIS AUGUST Yamaha PM10 Rivage Mixing Console Demonstration & Workshop - Wednesday August 10th - FREE RSVP HERE Please Specify TimeLine 6 Tone Made Easy Presents - Icons of Tone Free Guitar Tone Workshop - Wednesday August 10th - FREE RSVP HERETuck Andress Guitar Master Class - Saturday [...]

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Chuck Levin’s Tips for Instrument Maintenance

Among the most frequently asked questions from parents buying woodwind and brass instruments are “How do we take care of this thing?” and “What are the instrument maintenance and care costs?” Since taking care of your instrument as you use it is the best and easiest way to keep the maintenance costs down, I want to take some time [...]

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What to Expect at the DJ Expo: 5 Useful Tips

The annual DJ Expo is right around the corner, and we’re going to make sure you make the most of it. Happening August 15-18th in Atlantic City, the DJ Expo will welcome more than 5000 pro DJs. Featuring seminars, panels, workshops, and an exhibit hall filled with gear, there’s quite a lot to see and do at the industry’s [...]

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How to Take Your DJ Set to the Next Level

Some DJs think that once they’ve got the music down, they’re ready to take the stage. Although your beats are definitely the pinnacle of your DJ set, there are some things you can do to take it to the next level. Check out our five tips to get started.5 Ways to Take Your DJ Set to the Next [...]

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5 Dos & Don'ts of Touring

Going on tour soon? You'll want to read this.

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